5 fun gifts for kids that encourage movement

Everyone wants to get that perfect present for a child, one that the child will remember and appreciate for a long time to come. Be it for a birthday party, Christmas, or any other occasion, finding such a present can be difficult. Firstly, there’s an overwhelming choice of toys, clothes, board games, and other accessories, and secondly, many children today already have everything they might need and want. Instead, give a child a unique experience.

When looking for the perfect present, you should also consider a child’s age, gender, and interests. Most of all, it is important you realize that with today’s smart device and technology overload, no child needs another smartphone or tablet. Instead, give a child a unique experience.

If you’re looking for an exciting present that a child will always remember, keep reading.


1. An annual pass to a trampoline park

Presents don’t have to be material. An annual pass to a trampoline park is the best present for any active child who likes adrenaline. They will have the opportunity to have fun and be active all year long, regardless of the season. The range of activities in trampoline parks is certainly wide enough for any child to never forget this present.


2. New wheels (a scooter, Rollerblades, a skateboard, or a bicycle)

A present on wheels is not only fun, but it also encourages a child to spend their free time actively and outdoors. Regardless of what kind of wheels you choose, it will help a child develop motor skills. Bicycles have always been popular, and in recent years, there has been a scooter craze among children, especially slightly older ones. Age is certainly the most important factor you should take into consideration when choosing a new ride for a child.


3. A trip to an amusement park

An opportunity to make memories is much better than any state-of-the-art tablet or smartphone. If you want to give a child a special experience, take them to an amusement park. The child will love the adventure with you and is sure to remember it for a lifetime.


4. A pet

Children love animals. A pet, such as a goldfish, hamster, guinea pig, cat, or dog, is often on their wish lists. But keep a child’s age in mind since a new pet is not a toy but a new family member, and having a pet is a big responsibility.

Choosing a present for a child can be a challenge. The perfect present might not exist, but the present that comes closest to it is one that encourages a child to be active and helps develop their motor skills and physical abilities.


5. A trampoline

A trampoline is the perfect present for any active and even less active child and is on the top of this list for a reason. Children love to jump! No child will find jumping on a trampoline boring as this is a fun and exciting activity that they simply never get tired of. Additionally, a trampoline is also good for health. A child can strengthen their bones, joints, and muscles, and at the same time develop their balance, coordination, and spatial orientation.

A trampoline is an excellent present for boys and girls of all ages since it is completely safe and can be used by anyone. Children who have never jumped on a trampoline as well as children who have not yet shown their interest in trampolining will also love this present.

A trampoline is one of the few presents that can contend against smart devices. You’ll be giving a child an unforgettable experience and at the same time the opportunity to spend more active time outdoors.