At Akrobat Trampolines Australia our products are made from the highest quality and standards and therefore we maintain some of the highest warranties in the industry. Please check individual product SPECS for individual product warranty details.

Warranty periods commence from the date of purchase.

Warranty inclusions:

  • Manufacturing issues
  • Damaged parts upon receipt of goods

Warranty Exclusions:

It is essential that customers regularly check their trampolines and follow the maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of their trampoline. Warranties are non- transferable and apply to the original purchaser only.

  • Weather Damage: Damage caused to your trampoline as a result of weather events such as rain, wind etc.. are not covered under Oz Trampoline warranty. If you trampoline is damaged by a weather event, please contact your home insurance provider.
  • Personal Injury: Akrobat Trampolines Australia warranty does not include cover for personal injury or losses due to improper assembly, maintenance or use of your trampoline.

Akrobat Trampolines Australia warranty does not apply to any damage caused by a third party assembly service.

What to do you if you have a warranty issue?

If a warranty issue does arise, please contact our customer service department via phone 1300 393 004 or email to discuss the issue further.

In the event that Akrobat Trampolines Australia does not feel the product is covered under warranty and a second opinion is required, the customer will be required to send the product to us at their own cost including inspection and delivery for a full appraisal.

All products on this website (unless otherwise specified) are designed and intended for domestic use only.  Manufacturers warranty does not cover any product if it is used in a commercial or public environment.