Should I buy a trampoline?

Many families have a long discussion before deciding to buy their own trampoline. Parents are often concerned about trampoline-related injuries, then there is always the question of price, type of trampoline and last but not least, is it worth having? Read about all the major reasons for and against buying a family trampoline.

When used correctly, trampolines are perfectly safe

It is true that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that home use of trampolines can be dangerous for children. According to the AAP reports, 98,000 trampoline-related injuries occur every year. However, the AAP also reports that skateboard- and scooter-related injuries account for an estimated 50,000 emergency department visits, while that number is as high as 192,000 for bicycle-related accidents.

Does this mean we should take our children’s bikes away? 

The answer is surely no! Children should be able to enjoy themselves and have fun on trampolines. Of course, any kind of sports activity comes with a certain risk of injury, but jumping on a trampoline is no more dangerous than cycling or doing gymnastics or athletics.


The most common causes of trampoline-related injuries are poor trampoline design and incorrect use:

  •  75% of accidents happen because several children are using the same trampoline at the same time,
  • other very common causes are falling off the trampoline, falling on the springs or frame,
  • and attempting risky moves that go wrong.


If you decide to buy a trampoline in your nearest supermarket, the risk of injury is surely higher than if you purchase your trampoline from a specialized shop. Specialized trampoline manufacturers have dedicated a great amount of time and effort to trampoline safety in recent years. Only top-quality materials are used in the production of their trampolines, and trampolines are designed with safety in mind – provided, of course, that users follow the jumping rules and use the trampoline correctly.

Why should I buy a trampoline?

A few decades ago, trampolines posed a high risk of injury. But over the years, trampolines have developed into safe sports equipment. If you still have your doubts, just a few benefits of trampolines are presented below.


1. Positive effects on your health

Research has shown that trampolining has the same benefits for your cardiovascular system as running, cycling, or playing basketball or football. Trampolining is thus a great way to use up that extra energy in a fun and effective way. Jumping improves your circulation and balances your digestion, and it is, therefore, a great way to prevent many modern chronic diseases.


2. Develops motor skills

Trampolining is a great aerobic workout that develops motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and agility. These are especially important in children, who easily learn new movement skills. Jumping also strengthens muscles; it activates the muscles of the whole body, especially the leg, arm, hip, and abdominal muscles.


3. Strengthens bones and joints

Running is one of the most popular workouts, but one that unfortunately often causes joint pain. On the other hand, trampolines absorb the pressure and lower the impact on your knees, feet, hips, and spine. Regular trampolining increases bone density strengthens your bones, and joints and prevents osteoporosis.


4. Unique fun for the whole family

Jumping on a trampoline is an activity the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their children. If you’ve had trouble getting your children to put down their smart devices, a trampoline will solve that problem. Trampolining is a great outdoor free time activity that can also be great quality time with friends.

The risk of injury is no higher than in any other sport,

and certainly, it’s not a good reason not to try this activity.


Keeping all this in mind, the answer to “Should I buy a trampoline?” is YES, you should! Just remember to buy your trampoline in a specialized shop and make sure you use it correctly.