5 most appealing public use trampolines

Trampolines are becoming increasingly popular. They’ve become a part of almost every children’s playground and they’re also common on beaches, in camps, and holiday resorts. Public use trampolines are made of high-quality materials and are vandal-proof. They are also very visually appealing. Here are some of them that especially stand out.

Free-standing trampolines

1. Akrobat Gallus trampoline

The Gallus trampoline is one of the most visually appealing free-standing trampolines. With a metal frame, safety net, and a protective steel top ring, this trampoline provides maximum safety in public places. Children will have carefree fun for hours.

Inground trampolines

2. Akrobat Gallus Inground trampoline

The Akrobat Gallus Inground trampoline is a new generation of inground trampolines. It’s made of high-quality materials and can withstand intensive use in preschools, schools, camps, playgrounds, and parks. The flush-to-ground design makes it even more visually appealing, and the metal safety net enclosure and the self-closing door provide maximum safety.

3. Akrobat Primus Premium trampoline

The Primus Premium trampoline is another top-range trampoline made by the distinguished trampoline manufacturer Akrobat. The visually appealing inground trampoline elegantly blends in with its surroundings at children’s playgrounds, schools, preschools, parks, and camps.

4. Akrobat Playground trampoline

The Akrobat Playground trampoline is suitable for public use children’s playgrounds in schools, preschools, parks, shopping centers, and camps, as children can use this trampoline unsupervised. The completely enclosed spring system provides maximum safety. The trampoline also guarantees maximum protection against vandalism and is a wonderful addition to any playground.

Indoor trampolines

5. Akrobat Speed Bouncer trampoline

The Akrobat Speed Bouncer trampoline is the most appealing trampoline in any gym. It offers limitless possibilities for effective aerobic exercising, and its modern design and possible color combinations brighten up any room.