Rectangular vs. Round trampolines

The most popular trampoline shapes are rectangular and circular. One of the most common questions trampoline buyers have is what the main difference is between these two shapes and what advantages each shape has.


Nowadays, there are lots of models of different types of trampolines available on the market. But a trampoline is an investment you’ll enjoy for years, so choose wisely. You should consider not only the quality but also the shape of a trampoline since it’s very important for a positive user experience.

Continue reading if you want to find out the answers to all these questions! Here are the features you should consider:



It’s pretty obvious that rectangular trampolines are shaped like a rectangle and round trampolines like a circle. It’s important that you consider the shape of your garden or backyard when choosing the shape of your trampoline.

Round trampolines: Finding a convenient space for a round trampoline can be tricky. You need sufficient space for the round trampoline. This usually means you will need to place the trampoline in the center of your garden.

Rectangular trampolines: Rectangular trampolines can fit neatly into a corner or a narrow space around your home. However, gardens are not always regularly shaped, and in such cases, round trampolines can be easier to place.


The frame strength

Round trampolines are generally more material-efficient since less material is used for their manufacture compared to a rectangular trampoline of the same size. The frame strength, however, is the same for both shapes of the trampoline, as long as they’re both made from the same material. A-frame made of galvanized steel guarantees reliable mechanical strength and is rust-resistant.


Bounce quality

Rectangular trampolines: Rectangular trampolines will offer a higher bounce, as the springs on a rectangular trampoline work independently depending on where you jump on the trampoline’s surface. No matter where you jump on a rectangular trampoline, you can expect your bounce to have equal height and power.

Round trampolines: When you jump on a round trampoline, all of the springs work at the same time. The center of gravity is right in the middle of a round trampoline. This means that when you jump, you will be pulled back towards the middle. The circular shape of the frame also absorbs some force, so your bounces will not be as high.



Round trampolines: Round trampolines’ reduced jump height is actually a great safety feature. Since the center of gravity is right in the middle, jumps on the sides of a round trampoline will be much weaker, and you’ll be drawn back to the center. So there’s no chance you’ll be soaring too high around the edges.

Rectangular trampolines: The opposite is true for rectangular trampolines. Uneven force distribution occurs on rectangular trampolines, meaning it’s easy for you to get too close to the edge. When jumping on a rectangular trampoline, jumpers should be carefully supervised, since the danger of flying off the trampoline is much higher.



Round trampolines: Round trampolines are the more common trampoline option, which means there are more options on the market. Since the round shape is so common, it tends to be more affordable.

Rectangular trampolines: Rectangular trampolines are on average more expensive than round trampolines because they generally take longer to make and they also require more support. Because of the right angles, additional care also has to go into fitting the mat to the frame.



Rectangular trampolines: Round trampolines are more common in gardens and backyards than rectangular trampolines. The main reason for this is that rectangular trampolines are usually used by experienced and trained users, while round trampolines are popular for families and children of all ages.

Round trampolines: Round trampolines are the clear choice if you plan to use your trampoline solely for recreational purposes. A round trampoline limits how high bounces go and where bouncers land. This is a great feature for people with young children.


Round trampolines are more popular than rectangular trampolines. Round trampolines are the most common shape of a trampoline in people’s gardens. Before making a purchase, you should consider all of your needs and wishes and purchase a trampoline shape that meets them all.