Trampolines offer the best physical activity - confirmed by NASA!

It is well known that jumping up and down state-of-the-art trampolines in trampoline parks brings tremendous benefits to our health. With this type of physical activity, it is much easier to maintain our body weight and jumping is also excellent for better coordination, balance, and posture. All the benefits for the body were even confirmed in a special study by the US Space Agency NASA conducted in the 1980s.
What were the findings?


What did the study involve? 

The experts at NASA were interested in what is the best physical activity for the rehabilitation of astronauts after spending long periods of time in space. Astronauts are in a gravity-free space where they lose up to 14 % of their muscle mass in only 15 days. Therefore experts tried to find the best workout for astronauts to restore their shape.

Each of us has already visited the local gym and noticed that certain fitness devices are aimed at specific muscle groups of the body. If we want to strengthen or rehabilitate our bodies completely, we have to use several different devices and perform several different exercises.

For an astronaut who has just returned from a weightless environment, this is not an effective way of strengthening the body. That is why NASA was looking for a new, more appropriate physical activity. A group of four researchers conducted a survey known as Body Acceleration Distribution and O2 Uptake in Humans During Running and Jumping.

Eight volunteers between the ages of 19 and 26 participated in the study. They were tested during:

  • walking,
  • race walking,
  • running on a running track at four different speeds and
  • trampoline jumping.

Each of them received identical running shoes and sports clothing. Other variables that could affect the final outcome of the entire study were also monitored. The objective was simple - to measure the heart rate, oxygen consumption, and the impact of the physical activity on the body of the participant. 

Experts from NASA reported that physical activity on the trampoline is the most comprehensive and effective form of physical activity. It is supposed to be 68 % more effective than running. Of course, we need to distinguish between playground trampolines and state-of-the-art trampolines available in trampoline parks.


Why are trampolines so effective?

Problems with knees and ankles are extremely common among athletes. These occur because the gravitational force measured on a runner's ankle is always twice as high as the force measured on the back and the forehead. When the body is tired, it no longer does its job properly causing unexpected forces impacting the already tired muscles and ligaments. That is the reason injuries occur. 

When jumping on trampolines in trampoline parks, the G force is almost identical on the ankles, back, and forehead and therefore poses a lower risk for a variety of injuries.

Jumping on a trampoline is therefore an effective physical activity for the entire body. There is no unnecessary additional pressure on the feet, ankles, or legs. Jumping also strengthens all other parts of our body. 


Trampoline is even more effective than running! 

During physical activity on a trampoline, our body consumes significantly more energy compared to running at the same oxygen consumption. Effective use of vertical acceleration and braking forces requires more biomechanical work with less energy consumed. Consequently, the body uses less oxygen. Physical activity is also less burdensome for our hearts.


Jumping in trampolines is in some cases twice as effective as running as long as the G force remains less than 4. When the G force is greater than 4, there are no more significant differences in oxygen consumption compared to running. In any case, lower limbs are under significantly smaller stress if we are jumping on a trampoline and there is also a much lower risk of injury. Physical activity on the trampoline is therefore much safer.


Even NASA with its study, therefore, proved that trampoline jumping is an excellent physical activity to strengthen the entire body. We need to distinguish between non-quality trampolines, which are merely toys in our backyard, and trampolines which are used as sports trampolines and can be found in trampoline parks. The latter provides a fun and attractive physical activity, entertainment, and games that allow us to have great fun while exercising.