The Best Trampolines of 2022

Trampolines have become a fun garden accessory, a popular item of sports equipment, and a great aid to relaxing and feeling good. There’s a wide range of different types of trampolines available on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for you.


But be sure to have a look at the trampolines made by Akrobat, a renowned manufacturer, that will satisfy even the most demanding customers in 2022. The Primus Flat 14x10 is a best-seller, and the Primus Flat 17x10 and Primus Challenger 17x10 are not far behind!


Primus Flat 14x10 - great trampoline for all users

The Primus Flat, with its dimensions of 10 x 14m, is the perfect size for everyone, from beginners to experienced users and professionals, to test their skills. It’s an in-ground trampoline that blends with its surroundings because of its modern, neat design. If you prepare the ground in advance, you can install it anywhere.

The top feature of this trampoline is the AkroVentSport jumping mat. Ventilating air through the jumping mat makes this trampoline not just quieter, but also safer to use.


Trampoline Primus Flat 14x10 - Akrobat

If you’re one of those jumpers who enjoy high bouncing, you’ll be pleased to learn this jumping mat also guarantees a 30% better bounce.


With its top-quality and UV- and water-resistant spring protection and safety padding, the trampoline really is extremely safe. The spring protection covers the innovative and durable spring system that guarantees the best jumping experience with a more powerful bounce but low impact on the body. Different colour combinations of the safety padding and jumping mat are available. A safety net is not included.


Primus Flat 17x10 - the best trampoline for experienced users

If you’re after an unforgettable jumping experience, the Primus Flat 17x10 model is the right choice for you! Despite its size, it’s practically invisible due to its neat design and in-ground installation. All that has to be done before installation is ground preparation.

The main reason for the incredible bounce feature is the AkroVentSport jumping mat with its remarkable ventilation. It provides this trampoline with a better bounce and a quieter and safer jumping experience.


Trampoline Primus Flat 17x10 - Akrobat

The trampoline also has a durable frame and an innovative spring system, which means it will be in use for a long time. The AkroSpringSport spring system provides long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation and a jumping experience with low impact on the body.

The Primus Flat 17x10 trampoline is also completely safe. In addition to the above-mentioned jumping mat and spring system, safety is guaranteed with the top-quality spring protection and safety padding. A safety net can also be added.


Primus Challenger 17x10

The Primus Challenger is Akrobat’s most recent and largest above-ground trampoline. With its dimensions of 17 x 10m, this trampoline guarantees a top jumping experience for even the most demanding jumpers and sports enthusiasts.

Primus Challenger 17x10 - Akrobat


The innovative AkroSpringPro spring system and the AkroVentSport jumping mat are the reasons for its amazing bounce features


This brilliant combination provides the best bounce performance and will satisfy even the most demanding trampoline and adrenaline lovers.

Despite its size, the Primus Challenger is perfectly safe thanks to the AkroVentSport jumping mat and the top-quality fire-, water- and temperature-resistant spring protection. The trampoline also comes with a safety net for additional safety.

The trampoline has a modern design and great stability due to its reinforced double frame that supports even large loads. This is truly a state-of-the-art trampoline, made of top-quality and certified materials. Its jumping mat is tear-, UV- and temperature-resistant – it can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +70°C.

Akrobat Sport Trampolines


Top-quality trampolines for the best jumping experiences

The Akrobat development team has taken trampoline design to the next level. So good news for all the sports enthusiasts and trampoline lovers out there: if you choose one of the best trampolines of 2022, you’ll surely get the best jumping experience as well as maximum safety.


Best trampolines of 2022 - Akrobat