The best exercise trampolines for adults

These days it’s quite common to have a trampoline in the garden at home. Due to the positive effects of jumping on our health and well-being, trampolines are also used for various forms of exercise, jumping, and bouncing for adults. And you're probably already wondering which trampolines are best suited for this.



At Akrobat, we offer, to the most demanding and experienced jumpers, a variety of models on which they can try out different acrobatic elements. Those who want to get fit and sculpt their bodies can try out the Speed Bouncer trampoline. Find out more about this model below.

Akrobat's adult training trampolines provide an exceptional jumping experience. They feature a modern design, maximum safety, excellent bounce properties, and top-quality materials. And which models do we recommend in particular?

Akrobat Speed Bouncer for trampoline exercise - Akrobat

Akrobat Speed Bouncer

To anyone who wants to sculpt their body on a trampoline, we recommend the Akrobat Speed Bouncer. It gives you unlimited possibilities for an effective aerobic workout, and can also be used to perform a variety of strength exercises.

The trampoline is round and 120 cm in diameter. The jumping mat is attached to the frame with elastic bands, making it completely silent and safe to jump on, as it optimally absorbs the forces of each bounce. This is a freestanding trampoline with a sturdy, foldable, and high-quality metal frame. It’s therefore extremely stable on the one hand and practical for storage on the other. A handle is attached to the frame, so you can jump without worrying about falling off.

Akrobat Primus Flat for eyperienced jumpers - Akrobat

Akrobat Primus Flat

From the category of sports trampolines, we recommend the Akrobat Primus Flat in-ground trampoline. With a 30% higher bounce, you can practice a variety of acrobatic elements on it. It’s suitable for both experienced jumpers and professional athletes who can use it as part of their training.

This model is available in different sizes and shapes. For more serious training, a larger size and rectangular shape are preferable, as the forces generated while jumping are directed upwards and not toward the center, as in the case of the round models.

The Akrobat Primus Flat features, AkroVent Sport ventilating jumping mat, and the AkroSpring Sport spring system offer unique rebound properties with minimal impact on the body. The springs are completely covered by safety padding, so the risk of injury is minimal.

Akrobat Primus Challenger, sport and exercise trampoline - Akrobat

Akrobat Primus Challenger

Another Akrobat trampoline suitable for adults is the freestanding Akrobat Primus Challenger model, which belongs to the category of sports trampolines. It’s the largest Akrobat trampoline and the perfect choice for the most demanding jumpers and sports enthusiasts.

Again, the innovative AkroVent Sport jumping mat and the AkroSpring Sport spring system provide superior rebound properties. This makes the trampoline suitable for performing the most demanding acrobatic elements in complete safety, as well as various other trampoline exercises.

The trampoline is only available in a rectangular shape and comes in three different dimensions, providing all users with enough surface for carefree jumping.

Akrobat Primus Premium, inground exercise trampoline - Akrobat

Akrobat Primus Premium

Another trampoline suitable for adults is the Akrobat Primus Premium. This model is designed for public areas, but you can also put it in your backyard. It’s available in round and rectangular shapes, but for serious exercise, we always recommend rectangular models in slightly larger sizes.

The Akrobat Primus Premium has an AkroVent jumping mat that is extremely tear-resistant and withstands a huge number of jumps. The AkroSpring PRO spring system not only provides outstanding rebound properties but also long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation, and completely safe jumping, with minimal impact on the body.


Which trampoline is best for you?

Your choice of an exercise trampoline for adults depends mainly on what you want to achieve with your workout. If your workout is more focused on gymnastic elements and acrobatics, or if you just want to feel better, then larger rectangular trampolines are always the best choice.


But if you want to improve your physical condition, strength, and fitness, clear your head, or lose weight the Speed Bouncer is a much better model. This model will come in handy even if you're not a fan of going to the gym, as you can use it to work out right in your own living room.