The neighbours have got their trampoline, what about us?

During the pandemic, when schools and playgrounds were closed, people spent most of their active leisure time in their gardens. During the period in which social distancing was part of our everyday life, many families were forced to find a way of entertaining their energy-filled children. It turned out that trampolines became one of the first choices, a fact confirmed by the sales figures.

Trampolines – a sales hit during the pandemic!

Outdoor and sports toys are one of the largest spending areas when the weather warms up, as parents want to enable their children to be out and exercise in the fresh air and in a safe environment. The pandemic made the market for outdoor toys and equipment grow even more, almost by a quarter.

In this segment, trampolines have become the hottest product, and in some US federal states demand for trampolines was so high that you had to wait for them as long as 14 weeks after placing your order. The fact is that during the pandemic, trampolines have become an excellent opportunity for families to spend their free time and that is why they have become so popular.

1. Best possible ways to animate children

The pandemic has forced many parents to find the best possible ways to animate their children. So it is not surprising that more and more adults are deciding to buy equipment for outdoor playgrounds and gardens. The sales of such products have increased also because a very large number of parents worked from home and needed an attractive form of animation for their children which would entertain them for hours on end.

2. Best activity for the whole family

Trampolines are an excellent form of activity for the whole family. They have long since ceased to be purely for children and are also meant for adults. They afford families a simple and effective way to have fun together outdoors.

3. Trampolines are great for getting children active

The fact is that our children are increasingly addicted to social media, SMS messages, mobile telephones, television and other digital media. The result is that fewer and fewer children play outside, so in this technologically developed world trampolines are an extra bonus. Trampolines are great for getting children active and animated!

4. Many positive effects on the body

Jumping on a trampoline has very many positive effects on the body. Research has shown that it considerably helps develop balance and coordination. It also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system which is even comparable with the effects of running, cycling, or playing football or basketball. This is why jumping on a trampoline is an excellent and much faster way of burning calories when compared with other activities.

5. Completely safe for the joints

Unlike running, jumping on a trampoline is completely safe for your joints. Although some believe differently, the technically perfected jumping surfaces nowadays allow us to jump and bounce without negative effects on our joints. And that’s not all!


Choose a high-quality trampoline which will allow you to jump safely

Although maybe all their neighbours already have trampolines and all statistics indicate that their sales have grown, many parents still doubt whether it’s a good purchase. Most often they are concerned about whether trampolining is a safe activity.

This fear is completely misplaced if you buy a trampoline from a specialised supplier. This is a guarantee that the product has been made in compliance with all standards, has been thoroughly tested and is made of the best quality materials. With some basic rules on safe use, you can rest assured that trampolines are a completely safe way to have fun.

In the past, children could hardly wait to go out and play. Nowadays, in this age of technological advancement and numerous digital appliances, it is hard to find an activity that would be attractive enough for children to entice them out into the open air. If you believe the trampoline is the right solution for this problem, then now is the right time for you too to follow the example of your neighbours and set up a good quality trampoline in your garden!