Trampolines - a great way for adults to exercise

Remember when you were young and you loved jumping on trampolines? It’s probably been a long time since then, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy those wonderful experiences anymore. It's never too late to start jumping on a trampoline.

Research shows that trampolining is not only enjoyed by children and teenagers, but is also popular among adults. This has definitely received a boost from the increasing awareness of the benefits of active leisure time, as trampolining also confers a large number of positive effects on your health. They strengthen your cardiovascular system, leg and abdominal muscles, and skeletal system, and improve your balance and your overall well being.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that more and more manufacturers are making trampolines designed for adults as well as children, and a wide range of such trampolines is now available on the market. For a lot of older people the question then becomes, what do you have to look out for when choosing a trampoline for adults?


Size of trampolines for adults

There are a lot of different sizes of trampolines available that are suitable for adults, and each has their advantages. You have to be careful that the trampoline has a protected edge, meaning that the trampoline bed is slightly smaller than the trampoline’s overall dimensions.

The factors that most affect the selection of the trampoline size are the size of the people using the trampoline and the amount of space you have in your yard or garden. The most popular trampoline size is around 3,6 metres long, which offers a sufficiently large surface area but doesn’t take up that much space. Smaller trampolines are available, but they are recommended only for smaller children and toddlers.

But you probably don’t want to buy a trampoline that is too big to fit in your yard or garden. If you have a large level area available, you can think about having a large and sturdy trampoline with a large enough bounce mat for adults, otherwise you might want to think about smaller models.


Shapes of trampolines for adults

The shapes now available for adults include round, rectangular and multi-sided trampolines. The shape you choose will also be affected by size and shape of the space in which you will be setting up the trampoline.

Most people choose round trampolines, which have the optimal distribution of the springs, which makes their rebound characteristics optimal, since they always return you to the center of the bounce mat. Rectangular trampolines are particularly appropriate for professional trampoliners and gymnasts, as their rectangular shape offers extra room for jumping and including various elements.


Maximum weight

When choosing trampolines for adults, you have to think about the maximum weight limit that still allows safe trampolining, stability and long-term use. Different trampolines have different weight limits, so you have to pay particular attention to these figures, since the trampoline’s rebound properties and durability also depend on them.

Trampolines for adults have to be exceptionally durable and must be designed to handle the increased weight loads. It is recommended that trampolines for adults have a weight limit of at least 135 kg, anything below this level is not recommended. This will mean that the trampoline will be capable of withstanding very high loads, and with proper use and taking these limits into account you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.


Trampolines for adults are made of high-quality materials

If you want to keep your trampoline for a long time and stand up to adult weight loads, it is important to have a sturdy metal frame that will withstand the highest impacts and forces created during trampolining.

Trampolines for adults have to have high-quality springs that offer the best rebound characteristics and reduce negative effects on joints, as we know that problems with joints increase with age.

Nowadays you can buy trampolines with four or six legs, which offer increased stability, and trampolines built into the floor, which allow easier access for adults as they do not require climbing up a ladder, are becoming increasingly popular.


Trampolines for adults also need to be well-padded

Accidents can happen to anyone, so every part of a trampoline for adults has to be well protected.

Therefore you have to make sure that the pads that cover the springs are sufficiently high-quality and made to prevent injuries in the event of an awkward jump or fall. If you want to do more advanced jumps and tricks, don’t forget to put up protective netting around your trampoline, which will absorb the force of falls and prevent the user from landing on the floor.


If you would like to relive some pleasant memories from childhood, trampolining is something that you can still do as an adult, and as a parent. Of course you have to put safety first, and choosing the right trampoline is important here. The good news is that trampolines for adults can be used by teenagers and children too!